Winter Fairytale in Vienna, Austria

Yay for weekend trips, am I right? Pre-Christmas ones are my absolute favorites. So much lights, christmas trees and amazing food. It was such a warming experience wandering around Vienna. Austria is known for it’s amazing christmas markets and every year, thousands of tourists visit it for around Christmas time.


Just tell me how cute are this horses wearing reindeer horns?


So many brownies and donuts. There was a lot of goodies on every stand. We also got to drink Weihnachtspunch (their special Christmas punch) and it was so so good. Later on, we headed to waffle stand and ordered one called Banana Joe with bananas, chocholate and whipped cream.


Of course we went for a ride on a wheel, how couldn’t we? It was so beuatiful watching the market with all the lights from above. Most of my photographs is for sure this wheel just because it looked super cute.


I can’t ever imagine decorating this big of a tree, but it looks insane.


One of the most beautiful decorations on the whole Christmas fair. I just couldn’t get enough of it. The white bows just finish it off perfectly.


The main entry with the City hall (Rathaus) in the back was also worthy a lot of my pictures. I love how they really put effort in decorating every little stand and the big light inscription that says “Frohe Weihnachten” which means Merry Christmas. Visiting Vienna really was such a fun experience since I’m an overall fan of travelling for Christmas time.

My all your troubles soon be gone and christmas lights keep shining on. 

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Things I can’t go without this Christmas

As I’m writing this, I’m enojoying christmas scents from my candles and looking at my fairy lights, that could literally light up my whole room. I’m actually in love with this pre-christmas mood and here are some things I can’t (not literally) survive this season without.

Firstly, christmas candles. I know I adress this too much, but it just lifts my mood a lot, especially when I’m working fro school. I’m currently burning some of my Yankee candles with apple and cinnamon scents (perfect combination!)

Christmas music. Is it appropriate to listen to Christmas songs in November? Because I can admit I’m totally guilty of this. I’m currently loving Sia’s new Cristmas album and Andrew Belle’s Back for Christmas, which has been my absolutely favorite since last year (you should give it a listen, it’s so beautiful).

Christmas tea and mugs. In my December Goals post I wrote how I’m trying to replace my coffee addiction with more tea, and let me tell you, it’s so far so good. I’m also loving Granny’s and Winter tea as well.

My little christmas tree. I’ve just decorated it a few days ago and I love it sooo much. This year, I went for orange and green color ornaments and it makes my room look very christmasy.

Long, warm scarf. My friend recently gave me one for my birthday and I’m so obsessed! I’m wearing it all the time, since the wether got really cold and it’s also a really cute fashion addition to my outfit.


Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand. -Dr. Seuss

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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Anyone

My second holiday themed post, woohoo! I’m beyond excited to buy gifts for my loved ones! Here are some gift ideas I came up with to get you started a little bit before you head to the shops.

1. Gloves, socks, slippers, scarves or anything that will make them feel cozy.

2. Christmas mug + tea, hot chocolate, cocoa. There’s nothing more satisfying than a hot chocolate in a cute Christmas themed mug.

3. Perfume or shower gel set. In most stores they have already made gift packages and that’s what I go for usually.

4. Fashion accessories such as wristwatches, earrings or bracelets.

5. Candles or any decor. You can’t go wrong with that!

6. Homemade Christmas cookies or muffins. One of the nicest things is, if you make the gift on your own and I think people appreciate it more as well.

7. A gift card for their favorite store.

8. A book. Any bookworm would be really grateful.

9. A waffle, muffin or popcorn maker.

10. A notebook + pen. For creative and organized people out there.

11.  A glass, plate or cutlery set. The perfect gift for mom or grandma.

12. A Christmas sweather. Yay for Christmas sweathers!

13. Headphones.

14. Cute pyajamas or sweatpants set. A great gift for any from your loved ones.

15. A basket full of goodies. Inside, you can put pralines, cookies, dried fruit or anything you want really.

16. A bag or a wallet.

17. A vanity case with some toaletries inside.

18. Pillows or blankets. So you make sure they stay cozy throughout the winter season.

19. A makeup set.

20. Any personalized items such as T-shirts, mugs or phone cases. Something special and creative.


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Christmas is the spirit of giving without the thought of getting. – Thomas S. Monson

December Goals

Jolly December everyone! I’m more than ready for all the lights, decor and festive mood! I absolutely love this time of the year and cannot wait for it. Here are some of my goals for the month.

Buy Christmas presents for family members and friends. I just looove doing this.

Drink less coffee and more tea. There’s literally something missing in me if I don’t get my cup of coffee daily and I’m totally trying to change that, because tea is way healthier.

Hang out more with my friends in the city. Yesterday, the lights in the city were lit and it already looks so christmasy.

Decorate my room. I’m literally starting today! I’m so excited to put up some more of my fairy lights (because some of them I have on all year). I’m going to print out Christmas themed pictures and pin them to my lights.

Christmas movies. Honestly, my christmas time is perfect if I watch Home alone. But I’m looking for more good movies, so don’t bother to recommend them to me in the comments.

Bake christmas cookies with my grandma. She loves to do it and I’m really enjoying in it as well.

Give a “secret Santa” gift to someone. I really love buying presents for people and this just doubles the joy.

A LOT of Christmas songs. Are you with me one this one? Everybody says I’m too early, but I’m more than ready for jamming to them.



“December: a month of lights, snow and fests, time to make amends and tie loose ends, finish off what you started and hope your wishes come true.”

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How to Relax after a Stressful Week

This past week has been really rough for me, especially in school. Many assignments, exams and also other outer school activities. Here are some tips for relaxation and mind clearing, especially after a stressful period of time. Hope they help!

Go offline. The best recipe to clear your mind is to eliminate any distractions, such as your phone and eliminate youself from soical media.

Be creative. Now, when you can have some me-time, use it for being creative and draw something, write a poem or colour a coloring book since I heard it can be a very good stress relief technicque.

Cook youself something. Search for some recipes online, such as pancakes, muffins or whatever you like and try to make it youself.

Go outside for a walk. And leave your phone at home. This can be super nice if you live next to a forest or any kind of calmer area.

Watch a movie. If I’m being honest, watching movies is not something I do often, so I appreciate it even more when I have time for it.

Take a long shower. This is one of my favorites!

Strech or meditate. Streching my whole body at least twice a week helps my wellbeing a lot. I would definetly suggest you to try it!

Spend time with your pet if you have it. There is never enough of sharing love with your pets.

Eat foods that relieve stress. These foods are: avocado, chocholate, oatmeal, almonds, lemon

Write down your goals or journal. Writing is a great stress-reliever for me and it instntly makes me happier and more productive as well.

Zajeta slika0

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Productivity Tips

It’s that time of the year when productivity is really important to me and that’s why I’m sharing some of my tips that should beat the procrastination and prevent you from drowning in work.

Make a to-do list as soon in the day as possible. Just remember, you don’t have to write more than five tasks, but only 3 or 4 main ones and if you complete them, you can start on finishing the less important ones.

Start with the work you want to do at least. You will have more energy and motivation in the beginning and when you’re finished, you’ll thank yourself for doing it as soon as possible.

Don’t set time restrictions. Speaking from my experience, setting youself a time limit makes you nervous and you don’t feel good if you don’t finish it, when you should already be doing another thing on your to-do list.

Take breaks and do something fun. No one can study from the morning straight to the evening without taking time for themselves. While having a break, eat some chocholate, call a friend or grab a book for 15 minutes.

Work in an organised space. My poductivity definetly increases when my desk is clean and tidy.

More work you get done, more relaxation you can have. Give yourself tiny rewards for as much work as you get done. For example if you didn’t get done everything you wanted to by the noon, give youself a 10 minute break. But if you finish everything you had to do way before you expected, give youself more free time and do things you enjoy.


Work hard in silence, let the success be your noise. – Frank Ocean

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Minimalistic lifestyle // How to start?

I’ve always kind of knew what minimalism was, but never considered trying it out. I’m a person who absolutely loves changes and trying new things, so I said to myself, why not? And if you want to try it too, that would be super awesome, so don’t mind joining me. I’ll share some starter tips for a minimalistic lifestyle with you, since I made quite some research on this topic, because it really grabbed my attention.

Simply, what is it? Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we value most and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It’s not having less, it’s about making room for more of what matters.

1. Assess your life. Set priorities. Think about which are the things in your life that make your live fuller and happier. Then think about the ways to do them more (whether this is meeting your friends, drawing or spending evenings with your loved ones).

2. Evaluate your possessions. Figure out if the things you own add value to your life or if they simply distract you and drag you away from the things you love.

3. Overview how you spend your time. Are there any activities that probably waste your time? Do you want to eliminate any habits, that you’ve been thinking about giving up for a long time now, but just didn’t get around to do it? It’s time to do that now.

4. Dress with less. We all know the real girls struggle, am I right? The wardrobe is full, but we are still standing in front of it in a bad mood, because we have nothing to wear. Try to dress simple and don’t have the urge to buy new clothes as regularly. Maybe even give some of them away if you’re sure you won’t be needing them anymore.

5. Try to singletask. Human brain is naturally not capable of multitasking. All you do is switch from one activity to another, which can drastically decrease your productivity. Try to do less tasks at a time and make them more efficient.


That’s all for this post, but I would definetly like to make an update and share with you more of this topic in you want, just leave a comment. 

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100 of you ♡ // Q&A time

It melts my heart knowing that 100 of you came to my blog, liked it and followed it. I’m really really happy that something that I enjoy doing inspires not only me, but also other people on the internet. I loove discovering new blogs, communicating on this little platform and sharing my passion with you. Blogging is something I started as a hobby, because I love sharing my thoughts and photography with others, but I genuinely enjoy it more and more everytime. I’m really excited about my future blog journey. Thank you 

I’m doing a 100 followers questions and answers, so I would be pretty thankful if you leave yours in the comments and I will definetly asnwer them in my next post.

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Another Seaside Photo Diary

Who doesn’t like s little bit of seaside before the snow comes in? But for real. Although I’m more than ready to wake the pre-chrsitmas spirit in me, a little bit of warmer temperature is really nice. And, who doesn’t like hotel food? I think you can all agree with me on that. So I went to the seaside and bothered to take my camera with me and share my everyday views with you through pictures. It wasonly four days, but hey, I’m feeling a lot more energized and happy now!


If there was something special about this place I absolutely adored, that has to be the arhitecture. The whole city centre is covered in old buildings that look like palaces and villas. I would give anything to live in a one like this!


Walks, walks and more walks. And taking photographs, of course. One of the nicest areas I went to was also the Angiolina park, where the fall colours were kicking in super beautifully. I also took the picture of this cute pink house, which was located somewhere in the middle of the park and looked really nice and photo-worthy.


The sea probably looks pretty depressing on this photo, but believe me or not, I actually saw a man swimming in it. It’s probably waay to cold for me to jump in, but it was relaxing just walking by it.


You know I love autumn, but after taking this photo, it makes me love it even more. The park was absolutely beautiful and it looked like a totally diferent place than it was when I went there in April.


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Dear Older Self // A letter

Dear older me,

first of all, I hope you are doing great and enjoying your life to the fullest. What’s with all the teenage dreams? Did they come true? I hope that you’ve been able to tick as many countries from your travel bucket list as possible. Well I don’t want to ask if your salary is high or if you have a pool in your house, what I’d like to know is if you are truly happy and If you’re making others around you happy, too. I hope you’re still living by the same quotes you were when you were younger and don’t you dare give up on your dreams. Some friends are meant to be only a chapter in your life, but I hope that many loyal ones stayed till now. You are probably still a big mess, but in a positive way. Well some of it should be sorted by now, though. At least I hope it is. But if it’s not, my best advice to you is, don’t worry so much and remember that every little thing that maybe looks enormous now, will be like a little tiny dot between all the good things in your life. This letter is not as long as I thought it would be, just a few questions here and there I was really curous about. Maybe I’ll throw another one here. Is there anything you would change from your young years? Do differently? I don’t have any idea where life is leading you, but I’m sure it’s the right path.